Name: Elanor
ID#: c36f
Species: Chevei
Gender: Mare
Age: Adult
Parents: Sirius X Lourne
Residence: The Faidian Grove

Ears: R, r*
Forefeet: G, g
Hindfeet: h, h
Mane: M*, M
Tail: T*, t*
Fetlocks: D, D
Mutation: S, S
Coloring: W*, W*

Phenotype: Lop ears, horse forefeet, mesohippus hind feet, long mane, fox tail, no fetlocks, no mutations, random coloration

Elanor is a... erm... interesting chevei mare. She came here a short time ago after losing her previous home, and she wasn't too happy about it. Indyana is hoping that she'll warm up to people... but in the meantime, she's terrorizing the melceys and generally raining on everyone else's parade. Hopefully, when she realizes that this home is for keeps she'll settle down and stop being so unpleasant.

Foal Stage

Chevei from Arborwin Adoptions

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