Fuschia Amethyst Dusk Song

Name: Fuschia Amethyst Dusk Song
ID#: none
Species: Jewel-winged Swallowtailed Fairy Dragonfly
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Color: Violet
Mutations: Cabochon wing gems
Mate: Dragonheart
Residence: The Southern Forest

Fuschia Amethyst Dusk Song is elegant and refined by nature. She has the most beautiful voice in the forest. Her song is said to hold the power to entrance dragons and calm storms. However, she uses her gift sparingly, singing a charm as the sun sets to ensure the safety of her glittering during the night. Her mate is Starshine Citrine Dragonheart, a wonderful male who attends to her every need and respects her greatly.

Grub Stage

Chrysalis Stage

Fairy Dragonfly from Skyhaven Adoptions

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