Name: Dubhyra
Name Meaning: "dark fire"
Title: The Bringer of Dark Flame
ID#: mm21
Species: Myopy
Gender: Mare
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Type: Ni'
Element: Blackheart
Mutations: Bi-colored short mane and Bi-colored tail. Covered in strange symbols.
Extras: Wild, and perfectly content in an evil setting. Blackhearted. Wears armor on her legs.
Notes: Symbols together mean "Bringer of the Dark Flame"
Residence: The Lands of Osseth

Dubhyra is known as the Bringer of Dark Flame among the myopy. She is a wild, dark mare, interested in fighting and causing trouble. She came to the Dark Lands, intent on destroying anything she met. However, she was attracted to Phoenix Syama for obvious reasons. Together, the two make a horrifying and powerful band. Her true name, Dubhyra, means "dark fire".

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