Starshine Citrine Dragonheart

Name: Starshine Citrine Dragonheart
ID#: none
Species: Jewel-winged Swallowtailed Fairy Dragonfly
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Color: Yellow
Mutations: Black glittering wings, light blue eyes
Mate: Dusk Song
Residence: The Southern Forest

Dragonheart, as his name imparts, is a brave and noble soul. He does not hesitate to rush into danger in protection of those he cares for, which is why he is one of the leaders in the fairy dragonfly glittering here at the Refuge. His courage is only half of what makes him unique, however. Dragonheart also displays some unique coloration, including black, glittering wings and light blue eyes, which are not common in fairy dragonflies not of the blue coloration.

Grub Stage

Chrysalis Stage

Fairy Dragonfly from Skyhaven Adoptions

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