Cu Ar'xek Nivia

Name: Cu Ar'xek Nivia
Name Meaning: "deep ocean's ice" in Faidian
Call Name: Cu
ID#: p579m
Species: Melcey
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Parents: Sirah's Sanstripe X Fila for Life's Jest
Litter: #69
Theme: Water
Residence: The Faidian Grove

Cu Ar'xek Nivia, or Cu for short, is a water-themed melcey. He has the ability to make it rain when he wishes as part of his abilities. He prefers to speak Faidian, his native language, but he now speaks English almost constantly, as there are few formal occasions to use Faidian and almost no one at the Refuge speaks it fluently.

Melcey from Arborwin Adoptions

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