Name: Bezor
ID#: IndyanaDragonWhorling04
Species: Whorling
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Type: Dragon
Parents: unknown
Residence: The Greenleaf Forest

This insectoid dragon can be quite an alarming site if you are walking alone in the forest. Although he is not very large, he still reaches waist-high on most human travelers, and there is no guarentee that he won't get bigger. He eats anything he can catch, often hiding in the thick foliage of the trees and waiting to ambush prey. He is also capable of short flights, which are accompanied by a frenzied buzzing. His claws and blades are sharp, so it is recommended that travelers not allow him to come too close. If Bezor seems to take an interest in you, try to scare him off by appearing intimidating.

Whorling from The EverRealm

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