Name: Beoerle
Name Meaning: "bee", from Old English beo and Basque erlea
ID#: IndyanaCatdragon_Hybird01
Species: Catdragon
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Subspecies: Hybrid
Fur Color: None (Black)
Skin Color: Lemon-marked Black
Parents: unknown
Residence: The Caves
Notes: Has a slight bit of fur on the ears and top of the head, but that's all

Beoerle was the first Catdragon to arrive at the Refuge. He is very large compared to many of the dragons at the Refuge, and he has the effect of making people stop and stare. He is usually very good natured toward visitors, but his good nature and energy tend to get on the nerves of the other dragon species...

Catdragon from The EverRealm

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