Name: Bei'liana
ID#: ch003
Species: Che'tan
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Rank: Zur
Parents: unknown
Color: Raspberry Leopard
Element: Life
Notes: Gold nosering, eyebrow ring, toering, ear studs, dangle earring, bracelet, anklet, and tailband
Residence: The Grasslands

Bei'liana is the Zur of the Grasslands tanzig, meaning that she is the lead female and matriarch. She dictates all the rules and the actions of the tanzig. She was the second Che'tan at the Refuge, proceeded only by Havad'zel, the lead Vorin (hunter). On first apperances, she is very good-tempered and mellow, but don't be fooled. Bei'liana is able to muster quite a temper if she sees fit. She rules her tanzig with strict discipline and allows no unruly behavior or flouting of her authority. It will be difficult to find a Zurran to get along with her, as she is quite strong willed.

Che'tan from Kurrama Valley

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