Name: Athena
ID#: mc01f
Species: Bishel Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: Bishen
Clan: Machesri
Parents: Wild X Wild
Clutch: none
Color: Blue
Type: Marine
Magical Object: Onix Pendant
Abilities: Breath weapon of the Dark Torrent
Bondmate: none
Mate: Jarod
Residence: The Isier River

Athena spends much of her time at the Isier River now, moderating the new water arrivals. She also works over at Bishen Realm, finding good homes for Bishel Dragon eggs. Her mate is Jarod, one of the Kailan's main assistants. He gave her a plant from his gardens as a gift.

Egg Stage

Wyrm Stage

This is Athena's Onix Pendant, her magical object.

This is a plant arrangement; a gift from her mate, Jarod

A Christmas present from Quis: "To Athena, a ribbon to tie around her horns- it should trail beautifully behind her while she swims."

A Forest Crown, a gift to Athena from Bishen Realm.

A Christmas gift from Jules: "Music Orb - this orb will produce soothing, calming music for the owner and will always conform to the owner's mood."

Bishel Dragon from Bishen Realm

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