Name: Amarie
ID#: none
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Bondmate: Bebti
Residence: The Desert Kai

Amarie is a member of a tribe of nomads. These nomads roam the desert lands, setting up camps where ever there is water available and following the herds of antelope. Indyana has allowed Amarie's tribe to travel the deserts of the Refuge, as long as they only kill a minimum number of antelope, enough to feed their tribe, and they don't harm the mythical or endangered creatures here. Amarie herself is an odd sort. Unlike most women in her tribe, she is a warrior and an accomplished huntress. She is strong and independent, and often spends her time wandering the desert with her hunting companion, Bebti, and her horse, Autolycus.

Amarie from Mermaiden's Cartoon Dolls

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