Name: Alani
Name Meaning: "orange tree" in Hawaiian
ID#: f03f-bet
Species: Flitterel
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Class: 1st
Rank: Beta
Parents: unknown
Traits: Blended coat, orange highlights, small size
Residence: The Southern Forest

Alani is a Beta female flitterel. She is a 1st class flitterel, ranked alongside the alpha female and male of her flock. Her traits include a blended coat, orange highlights in her fur, and her size, which is quite small for a Beta. She and her sister Tala have just come to live at the Refuge. Indyana hopes that there will one day be a few flocks here. Her ID# is f03f-bet. Alani's name is Hawaiian, and it means "orange tree".

Pup Stage

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