Name: Akiarata
Name Meaning: "autumn freshness" in Japanese
ID#: telkoaa8
Species: Telkoaa Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: Koa
Pack: Dance in the Dark
Rank: none
Parents: Wild X Wild
Aura: Fortune
Notes: This wolf was born in fall, hence his markings.
Residence: The Greenleaf Forest

Strengths: This wolf is very hypnotic. He can hypnotize many wolves with a single stare, though he has yet to learn this ability.
Weaknesses: Very vulnerable to disputes and loves to fight.

Natural Abilities:
Fortune Fire -- Fires a gold blast of flames at the opponent.
Pure Gold -- Creates a pool of liquid gold beneath the opponent's feet, immersing it. If it doesn't swim out very quickly, it will drown.
24k Gold -- Turns itself or the opponent into gold.
Learned Abilities: none

Shadow Stone Stage

Telkoaa Wolf from Kurrama Valley

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