Name: Aathel
ID#: hpi03
Species: Pinilya
Gender: Colt
Age: Foal
Herd: none
Rank: Beta
Parents: unknown
Color: Sabino Paint
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Costume: Devil
Mutations: Cape, horns, devil tail, and claws
Preferred Climate: Mountains
Notes: Special Halloween Pinilya, 2003
Residence: The Shrivik Mountains

Aathel is a young Pinilya brought to the Refuge. He is currently staying with the Mountain herd of Pinilya. When he is older, however, he will have to leave and start his own herd. The Mountain herd already has a male Beta, Ptraal. Until then, this little troublemaker can run all over the mountainside.

Aathel is a Halloween Pinilya, as you can see by his devilish little costume. Underneath that, he has beautiful Sabino Paint coloration, however, and could be quite a fine stallion one day. It is the plan at the Refuge to try to get Aathel to relocate to the Northern Forest, which grows on a smaller mountain range that marks the boundary between the Older and Newer Refuge. There, he can have a second montane herd formed around him. Hopefully, a few mares with pretty colorations will be added.

Pinilya from Kurrama Valley

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