You make rapid progress down the slope. Deep below you can see the shadows that must mark the beginning of the Valley of Night. You are having fun crunching along in the leaves when Ramona suddenly stops dead, spins around, grabs you by the shoulders, and shoves you down behind some brush.

"Stay down," she hisses, crouching behind the vegetation and peering out. You do as she says, wondering what she has seen, but then, you hear it too. It is the crashing of vegetation... something big is coming!

As you sit still as possible, you begin to see a large creature with dark green hide and flame-like markings on its legs. As it comes closer, you can see that it has two heads, two sets of wings and many tails. It's draconic eyes gleam gold as it shuffles its way through the forest. You start feeling a bit afraid as it gets closer. This must be the creature that doesn't like people. Luckily, it lumbers past where you and Ramona are hiding. The monstrous bulk moves away as you try not to even breathe. The noise fades into the distance. After that, Ramona rises slowly. You breathe a sigh of relief and get up.

"That was Teivelego," she says. "He's a highly mutated Earth Critu. As I said before, he doesn't like people, which is why I tried to keep us out of sight. I'm not sure if he saw us... but he chose to leave us alone if he did."

"Why doesn't he like people?" you wonder.

"Being highly mutated is often a curse for magical creatures. They are also highly prized by poachers, private collectors, irreputable mages, and the like. He's obviously had some run-in's with the wrong sort."

"That's too bad," you lament.

"Unfortunately, that's the story with many of the older creatures who come here," Ramona says, a bite creeping into her tone. She pauses a moment, then speaks. "We should head down."

You continue on your way down the ridge. The shadows in the trees ahead grow as you descend. The sunlight begins dimming, as though the sun is setting somewhere. Eventually, the forest descends into a dark twilight.

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