The air up here is cooler, which is a nice relief from the humidity of the Southern Forest and the hot stillness of the Grasslands. You follow Ramona for quite some time before you see a very odd pair of creatures moving through the forest ahead of you.

"The larger creature there is Soraceli, a Leverine," Ramona says, as she slows to a stop. "The smaller is a Leeloo named Citlali. The Leeloo are a sort of companion animal for Leverines."

You examine the Leverine first. It is a beautiful shade of blue, with feathered wings and a fluffy white tail. Oddly enough, it has a miniature wing on its nose. The tiny creature following it toddles through the leaves. It is brilliant white, with a miniature wing on its nose as well, bulbous ears, and a whip-like tail. Thus far, everything you have seen here has been rather light colored.

"Are all the creatures up here bright?" you question.

"No, just the ones we have seen. You may see a lot of oddly-colored creatures at the Refuge. They really have no natural predators here, since the creatures are forbidden to harm one another, either by law, or if they do not understand law, by magic," she answers. She turns her attention to the two creatures and scans the slope around them, looking for a way to avoid confronting them.

"Why don't we try to cut back toward the path," she suggests.

The Leverine and Leeloo are heading in the opposite direction, so it seems like a good idea. You nod and the two of you head across the slope, in the direction of the path you left behind earlier.

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