Ramona leads you to the glass containers in the walls of the office. Looking into them, you see small creatures that look much like sea horses. They are more beautiful than any sea horses you have seen, however, and they possess an almost uncanny alertness. They turn to examine you and Ramona through the glass as you approach.

"These are Orse," Ramona tells you in an overly loud voice, obviously trying to disturb Indyana as much as possible. "They are carefully bred aquatics, much like goldfish or guppies. They come in many different varieties and some are much prized among collectors."

"What do they eat?" you ask, watching as the glittering white one in the tank nearest to you twirls around in display.

"Aquatic plants and sometimes insects," your guide answers, tapping the side of the tank and watching as the white Orse comes over and taps its nose on the glass in return.

"Are they intelligent?"

"They seem to be," Ramona says. "Simple, yes, but more intelligent than other creatures you may encounter. We give them toys and such to amuse them, so they don't get bored."

Looking in the tanks, you notice shells and colorful balls and trinkets litter the gravel bottom. As though noticing your observation, a small black Orse dives to the bottom of its tank and picks up a shining black pearl, which it begins to flip about with its tail and fins. It performs a delicate balancing act for a few minutes as you watch, then finally loses interest and returns to munching on one of the plants in its tank.

"Let's move on," Ramona says, pulling her gaze away from Indyana, who seems to have successfully ignored the young woman's attempts to distract her. Ramona moves back up the room, leading you past Indyana and out of the office.

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Orse from Amadahy's Aquarium

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