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The Library is a large underground complex, dug from the mountainous rock beneath the Refuge. There are many tunnels that lead to the Library's main entrance, which is sealed by a heavy wooden door. A sign on it says, Creature Refuge Library. Knock to Enter.

You raise the metal knocker, which is shaped as a dragon head holding a brass ring in its mouth and make a series of taps. The door swings inward. *Come in!* a projected voice calls.

You enter into the Library, which is full of widely-spaced shelves, heavy tables, reading corners, and comfortable-looking chairs. It is warm and cozy, in contrast to the damp, cool tunnel you came in through. You see several fireplaces along the walls.

*Don't worry. All the materials in the Library are protected from fire, moisture, and insects.* The voice tells you. It sounds feminine and intelligent. You hear shuffling and soon, a large dragon moves out from behind one of the tall shelves.

"Oh, good," you say, examining your host. She is shades of deep and dusky purple, with dark, tattooed markings across her face, legs, and shoulders. The dragon has four legs, a set of wings, and a flowing tail fin, and her front hands are not harsh talons, but delicate and nearly human in appearance. She strolls up to you.

*I am Blazing Star, the Librarian. As you can see, we have many books! Unfortunately, you probably cannot read most of them.*

"What?" you ask sharply. Was this dragon insulting your intelligence?

*Oh, sorry, allow me to explain. Many of the books here are in obscure languages, and they have not been translated. Others are books of magic, which can only be read by skilled mages. Some are, in fact, very dangerous. These are kept in a restricted section that is protected by wards to keep out the unwary or foolish.* She motions around to the different sections, which are deliniated by color-coded signs.

"I see," you say. "Well, I was hoping to find some interesting reading here."

*Hmm... in that case, perhaps you should try the books written by Indyana.*

"Indyana writes?"

*Indeed, she does! Of course, she doesn't have a lot of free time, so many of her books are unfinished... but she is slowly creating a record of interesting people she has met. I keep trying to get her to write about catching poachers, which she does constantly, but, for some reason, she doesn't much care for writing about herself... but, I digress. Come this way.*

Blazing Star leads you down the row of shelves. You pass the Restricted books, on which are posted glittering red signs of danger, the Books of Magic, which are marked with shining blue signs and categorized by elements and magery levels, and shelves of Untranslated Material, organised by languages, many of which you do not recognise. Finally, you come to the Common Reading, which is organised by type and subject. At the end of the last row, there is a shelf section marked Works by Indyana.

*I keep these separate. She's always taking them out to write and edit, and it makes them easier to find,* Blazing Star explains. *This one here is completed. The others are works in progress... you will have to check back here occasionally if you decide to read them.*

"Thank you," you tell the Librarian and bend to examine them.

*Oh, and be warned: Tear, stain, lose, or otherwise injure any of the books in this library, and you'll have to answer to me,* Blazing Star adds. She gives you a toothy grin and then walks away.

"Right," you say, and very carefully choose a book from the shelf.

Guide to Ratings:
G - General Audience
PG - Parental Guidence
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R - should be Restricted to those over the age of 17

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