The Sacred Guardians

The Story of Jason and Charaustra

Part of the All Worlds Series
Book 1

Once, in a dimension far from here, a young man found himself tossed into a strange new world. Soon, he was at the center of a violent conflict on the alien planet of L'mdana. Entrusted with a mission of great importance, he and his dragon companion must complete this task... or risk the destruction of L'mdana and all its people.

Story Begun: Summer 2002
Story Finished: September 28, 2004
Last Updated: March 5, 2007 -- Layout fixes.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and suggestive material (Parental Guidence for those under the age of 13)

AIM: indyana207

A Word of Caution: This story is rated PG-13, for physical violence and suggestive material. It also includes a homosexual relationship between two men. If any of these things unnerve you, please abstain from reading this story.

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