You step into the greenhouse through the small, sturdy door and step up the stone pathway. You reach a central hub, where there is a fountain set with a beautiful sculpture. Looking around, you admire all the different types of flowers in bloom. In here, they are safe from the chilling winds and the inclement weather that sometimes marks the colder seasons. When you glance to the left, you spot a sign:

About Abefae

Abefae are tiny canine creatures with many similarities to insects such as bees. These flying creatures are usually quite small, about the length of a finger. They live in colonies, like bees, and are organized by a queen. Each queen controls a dive (nest) and all the workers and offspring in it. The abefae here are provided with many natural fruit and nectar selections year round, and they are fed a supplement diet one day each week, alternating between grain and meat preparations. Currently, the colony of abefae in the greenhouse boasts no queen. We hope to get one soon, as worker individuals tend to be a bit lost and erratic without a queen's influence.

Interesting, you think, looking around. You don't see any of the abefae. You decide to leave the fountain and move down one of the many paths leading from the clearing. Soon, you find yourself moving through young trees. Looking up, you see that many of them are laden with different types of small fruits and berries. Not knowing if they are safe, you decide to leave them alone and keep going.

Soon, the path loops around the edges of the greenhouse, where the walls are carpeted with moss and ivy. Eventually, after moving through a dense area of ferns, you find yourself arriving back at the fountain, exiting from a different path. The greenhouse is warm and slightly humid, and you don't quite feel like heading back out into the air outdoors. You take a seat on a nearby stone bench and look around. Through the glass roof of the greenhouse, you can see the branches of the trees outside, and their leaves sway in an unfelt breeze.

Suddenly, you spot a small, flying creature. At first, it looks like a hairy moth, but when you sit up and look closer, you realize that it is a tiny mammal with wings. The canine creature is small enough to lay in your palm. It has antennae, shiny insect wings, and a downy coat. Its coat is deep blue, with white markings that look like stars. This must be an abefae, you think, remembering the sign you encountered.

As you watch, the little creature darts from flower to flower, seeming to be collecting pollen or nectar. Finally, the creature sails down to the ground, where it rustles through the flowers before reemerging, carrying a long leaf. It begins to fly away and, curious, you follow.

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Abefae from Abefae Gardens

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