While on your way, you run into a strange creature. From what you know so far, this has to be the "air-headed lorriam".

Her wool is bright mint green, contrasting sharply with the smooth auburn fur on her legs. She has a long, looping tail and long flowing ears that whip about in the wind. Upon her forehead are two short, pronged horns. As she approaches, you notice with slight surprise that although her front legs have hooves, her back ones boast a set of large paws. When she is within speaking range, she smiles and calls, "Hello, traveler!"

"Hello," you answer, encouraged by her friendly countenance. She stops a few feet from you and seems to be examining you with the same interest with which you were regarding her.

"My name is Burra," she says, not wanting to be rude. Her voice is light and has a childish quality to it. To you, she looks quite young, but you can't be sure. You nod and give her your name.

"Are you new here?" you ask her, hoping she won't be insulted.

"Well, Cu and Seeth and Iladia have been here longer than me, but the other melceys haven't," she replies, not seeming to take offense.

"Nope, I'm the youngest!!" a voice suddenly calls. "Erm, at least until the new melcey arrives." You turn and see another melcey loping up... followed by a horde of babies!

You stare at them all... and notice that they aren't all melceys... there is a tiny chevei too! You are very confused. Burra notices your stare and giggles.

"Those aren't real, they're beanies!" she says, enjoying the blank look on your face. "They are bioengineered toys. They aren't truly alive... they don't eat and they don't sleep, but they can run, play, and even talk a bit."

"Yep," the melcey says, looking happily upon the horde of bouncing, flying, and scurrying toys. "These are all my beanies. The brown-ruffed virus beanie is Esmeralda, the brown and yellow melcey one is Split, the chevei beanie is Pacific Blue, the green mel beanie is Bullfrog, and the blue and green necco is X-wing."

"And she's Enid," Burra finishes, poking the melcey in the back.

"Cylet Xe'Enid to be precise," the melcey says, tossing her head and flopping her flowing ears over her shoulders. "I'm a life melcey."

You wonder if that's why she has all the beanies around. Also, you notice that, like the other melceys, her name is quite long. You comment on that to the two Faidians.

"Indyana named us," Enid tells you. "When she gives names, she likes them to mean something important... I don't know why though."

"It's because of her favorite book," Burra says in a grand manner. "Where the Heart Is."

You've vaguely heard of that book. "It's her favorite book?"

"Yes," says the lorriam doe, "and it says that when you give a name, it should be something strong, something that will stand up to life... something that means something!"

"What does your name mean?" you ask her. Burra ducks her head slightly and seems to blush, and Enid giggles.

"She was named by Arby, just like Seeth was." Enid grins in a teasing manner.

"I like Seeth," Burra observes, looking thoughtful. "He brings me toys sometimes."

"Don't carmors normally eat lorriams?" you ask.

"Well, yes... but Seeth won't eat me. He says that I'm not even fit for snacking... too fluffy." She says this all with a straight face, but you smile. Meanwhile, Enid in the background has been teasing Burra.

"Only got one name... only got one name..." she taunts, dancing around Burra's ankles.

"Hey, I like my name!" Burra exclaims. "It suits me just fine."

"Yeah... Burra, because... you always get burrs and twigs stuck in your wool!" Enid begins laughing again. Burra gives her an annoyed look and whips her fluffy tail around, thwaping Enid with it. Enid tries to control herself, but still giggles a bit.

"My name, on the other hand, means 'rabbit of life'... Cylet Xe'Enid!"

"Hmph, my name may be Burra, but at least I'm not a rabbit..." Burra mutters.

"I am NOT a rabbit!" Enid cries in a whining manner.

"Are too!"

"Am not!"



"Haha, RABBIT!" Burra yells and canters away. Enid, forgetting about you, immediately dashes after her.

"Take that back! I'm a melcey! A MELCEY!!"


After that, the two fade out of range. The beanies, left in the dust, seem unphased, and they play together. You shrug and decide to leave, sure that Burra and Enid won't be missing you anytime soon. You pull out the slip crystal and zap back to the main cabin.

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