You suddenly hear the fast beat of hooves striking the ground. As you turn to look in their direction, a small, light creature whips around one of the trees. When she spots you, she slams to a halt, skidding slightly and nearly tumbling past you. Her long ears and tail flop about her as she goes.

When she has finally stopped, she gets up quickly and shakes the dust out of her coat. "Hey, what are you doing here?" she asks you and seems surprised.

"I'm touring the Refuge," you tell her. She seems to raise an eyebrow.

"Touring? What is this, a theme park?! For crying out loud... I thought this place was protected!"

"Umm... I'm not here to hunt or anything," you say, trying to mollify her. "I'm just looking around." The creature snorts.

"Great, so people can't hunt here, but they can poke around my home when I'm not looking... that's just wonderful..."

You look down at the creature, unsure what to say. By now, you've gathered that she must be a chevei or a lorriam... she looks much like you imagine the ancestors of horses to have looked like, but she's even more lithe... like a fox. Her long ears remind you of a rabbit, but she definitely has a mane and hooves. Her tail, on the other hand, actually does look like it belongs on a fox. She glares at you.

"You know, it's not polite to stare," she says bluntly.

"Sorry," you say. "I've never met an.. erm, person like yourself before... you are a chevei, right?" you guess.

"No, I'm a carmor..." she mutters sarcastically, then raising her voice, continues. "Yes, I am a chevei. If you must know, my name is Elanor. Would you like to hear my entire life story now, or would you like to wait for the mini-series?"

You stare at her, wondering what she has against people... and where she learned about mini-series. "Well, I wouldn't mind listening..." you say hesitantly. The chevei looks greatly annoyed and sighs, but she speaks.

"I was born and raised in a place very different from this," she begins. "Then, one day, my home just disappeared."

"Disappeared?" you ask, incredulous.

"Yes, disappeared. Don't interrupt! So, then, I had to go back to Arborwin Adoptions and stay with all the other homeless chevei." She pauses here to shake her head and mutter, "What a bunch of twits..." She then continues.

"Anyway, after quite some time of being stuck with the rest of the orphans, Arborwin finally set out to find us new homes. As luck would have it, here I am. My one condition upon coming here was that I was promised peace and quiet... and insurance against disappearing homes. Well, it's certainly not peaceful with all those darn melceys and that air-headed lorriam running about, and now that you're here, it isn't very quiet either. Whether this place disappears or not still remains to be seen... So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stuff some cattails in my ears and hope you go away."

With that, she angrily trots off, muttering something in Faidian that you're certain is obscene. You stare after her blankly, wondering how a creature like that would ever get on here at the Refuge. Finally, you shake your head and decide to head out.

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