The Faidian Grove is tucked away in a canyon near the edge of the Refuge, far from the main cabin, but the slip crystal allows you to transport there instantaneously. You appear in the area in a flash of bright light and blink as your eyes adjust. The trees here are shades of blue, purple, and black, and the grass is purple. The area seems to hang in dusk, although you just recently left a bright day. You immediately spot one of the residents. It is an odd, four-legged creature. His coat sparkles with shades of deep blue, aqua, and pale lavender. He trots over to greet you.

"Jepep Fagu, traveler!" he calls, and you smile.

"Hello," you say.

"Welcome to the Faidian Grove. Here you will find all creatures hailing from Faidia." The creature speaks like a seasoned tour guide, and then waits for you to respond.

"Thank you," you say. "Umm... what are you?"

"Not what, who. I am Cu Ar'xek Nivia, and since you asked, I am a melcey of the water theme."

"Oh, sorry, nice to meet you."

"Do not give it a second thought," the melcey says. "You may call me Cu, as the long names are often difficult for you humans to remember."

You realize that he thinks you are just as odd as you think he is. He is examining you with curiosity, as though you are an interesting science experiment.

"Well, I best be going..." you say. Cu nods.

"Very well. Please seek me if you are in need," he says, switching back into tour guide mode. You nod to him, and then continue on your way.

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