If for some reason you would like to contact me regarding the Creature Refuge, please do! I always appreciate feedback from visitors, and I especially like it when people find typos or broken links and actual tell me about them. It's worse for me when I suddenly find an error on my pages after a few months and wonder how many people had trouble with it. Even if you don't email or IM me, thanks for visiting the Creature Refuge. I've put a lot of work into it, as you will hopefully see, and it's nice that people visit and explore. If you are a cyber pet adopter yourself, please email me a link to your own cyber pet site. I would like to start up a page of links to other cyber creature refuges on the web.

Name: Rachel Gratis, a.k.a. Indyana or Indy
AIM: indyana207 or SaiGirl207

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