This page contains the limited number of "cheat links" for the Creature Refuge. If you don't want to go through the entire tour for some reason, you can use these links to jump to specific areas of the Refuge in specific tours. Since you will be jumping into the middle of a story, it is recommended that you take the tours first. These links are mostly for looking at the different layouts or visiting your favorite parts once you have read the tours.

Tour #1 (in progress)

The Southern Forest
The Northern Forest
The Valley of Night
The Grasslands

Tour #2 (not written yet)

The Faidian Grove


The Faidian Grove (part of later tour, not written yet)
The Caves (part of later tour, not written yet)
The Obsidian Sea
The Faewoods
The Abefae Greenhouse (part of later tour, not written yet)
The Greenleaf Forest
The Isier River
The Desert Kai
The Shrivik Mountains
The Lands of Osseth

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