Moving into the cave system, it isn't long before you encounter a dragon.

*Hello, stranger,* the large dragon says, eyeing you. He must be 20 metres long, at least. *What brings you to our cave?*

"I'm just exploring the Creature Refuge," you say, slightly nervous.

*Hmm, just exploring,eh? Well--*

*Bloodstone, stop harassing the poor child!* a second dragon interrupts.

This dragon is many shades of blue, and she shines like a fresh iceberg. *Hello,* she says, *my name is Syberia. That's with a 'y', not an 'i'. I'm a dragon, not a geographical region. And the fine fellow that was hasseling you is Bloodstone. This is our lair.*

"Hello," you say. "Pleased to meet you."

*Oh, how polite!* she exclaims. *See, not all travelers are rude.* She gives Bloodstone a pointed look.

*Sorry,* he says to you, *but you just can't be too careful.* Syberia covertly rolls her eyes.

*Well, don't let us keep you,* she says. *Good luck in your journeys! May you find adventure... but not too much.* She winks at you.

"Thank you," you say with a smile, and head down the tunnel.

*Can't be too careful...* you hear Syberia mutter as you walk away, and she snorts in amusement.

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